Wednesday, July 8, 2009

doodledee doodledum

i've been doing more doodles, which isn't all that good cause most of them are just floating heads or torsos. I got Bobby Chiu's artbook, Guy Sketches, in the mail the other day and I'm looking through it right. oh my god, I LOOOVE the way he draws faces. there's a lot of variety in them, which is something I can't quite get in mine. So i start copying them because I love them so much. Bobby's my heroo oo o.
I add a couple of my own. the pencil ones are the faces from his book.

more sketching at the library.

take it easy


  1. oh my freaking freak i love your drawrings so fun and packed

  2. If all your sketchbook pages are that good, or half of that...damn...can't wait to see it!

    I'm really liking the library piece...You sure got a great feel for life sketching!

    Keep it up!