Tuesday, May 26, 2009


my friend has been bothering me to put up my crappy final comic so here it is in it's wrinkly and craptastical glory.
My first all nighter of the semester was for this final comic, UGHH. i kept making mistakes, whiting them out, then making different mistakes on top of thatASDFGHJK
on a lighter note, as I was looking for references for fish tanks, I came across this thing which is a table aquarium. how. do you change the water for this thing? A friend of mine told me about his dream home having aquarium floors. I would rather vacumn.
you guys better be having good summers.


  1. I love the comic, every aspect and detail of it. I love it so much. So much so much.

  2. hooray! what a fantastic job you did annlyn! i love on the first page the top right panel the most. it makes me laugh out loud!

  3. this is amazing annlyn, 100x better than what i did for my comic

  4. Your comic turned out amazing! I love the final panel esspecially! :)