Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Emmisary

Ray Bradbury's "The Emmisary." 
8 year old Martin is sick and must stay in bed. Being stuck indoors sucks, but it doesn't stop him from enjoying the great outdoors HIS WAY. He and his dog, Dog, share a telepathy of the senses. Dog explores the joys of autumn and brings home the memories of them to Martin every night. One day Dog brings back Martin's teacher, MIss Haight. She comes to keep him company, read to him, make him pumpkin muffins. Things are peachy until her unexpected and sudden death... Dog is distraught and disappears for what seems like forever. The night he returns, things arent right. Dog reeks of dirt, decay.. and he's brought a visitor. 

"Martin had company."

Holy cow :(
RIP Bradbury. your stories will be read for centuries


  1. So beautiful! :DD Thanks for posting, Annlyn! :D

  2. Annlyn! I just took a look at your portfolio, and it's soooo inspiring! :D I feel all the life in your paintings and drawings. ^^

    Imma get to work, haha. XD