Monday, May 31, 2010

truffles and peccaries

arrangement of animals I met from a happy hollow sketch day, months ago. note, sleeping peccaries = freakin cute

...the goats are monsters. they eat everything


  1. SUP' ANNLYN?!

    is that a pegasus i spy?!

    the goats are also crazy. one time i saw the caretaker come close to them to grab a little baby goat for the kids to pet, and all the other goats went straight at her. it was kind of like, "BAAA BAAA FOOD PLZ!" and sometimes they try to eat kids' clothes. and hair!

  2. it's a HORSEFLY. it flew around my head a couple times

    omg hahha. they'll probaby gobble up anything you give them. baby goat? OKAY!OMMNOOMON

  3. You're killing me with these drawings Annlyn!